The Benefits Of a New Brand New Boiler

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What do you look for in a new boiler? Is it Reliability? Cost? Durability? The great news is that a new boiler can give you these benefits and more.

If a boiler is inefficient it can cause you much frustration. It may also cost you a lot of money to restore it to full working order. Therefore, it is always recommended that you arrange for your gas and oil boilers is serviced regularly in order to ensure that your boiler, including your heating system, are working efficiently and in the appropriate manner.

Getting a gas safe registered engineer out to look at an older heating system on an annual basis can help you to make sure that the boiler in your property is working as efficiently as possible (which can save you money) and help you to find and resolve any potential issues before they get worse and become more costly.

Unfortunately, there will be a time where you have to exchange that old boiler for a new boiler to have an efficient heating system. By regular boiler servicing, you'll save money on the extra costs that faults bring and put those savings towards your new boiler. Older boilers do tend to offer a less efficient performance, this is down to the improvements in technology from the heating industry in recent years.

You'll find that most combi boilers last 10 years or more. New boilers are covered by extensive warranty periods as well, so you can have added peace of mind that if anything does go wrong with your heating system you are in a good position to have it fixed at little or no cost.

Although a new boiler is an expensive purchase, the benefits of a brand new boiler can include their cost-effectiveness and relieve the added stress that an old boiler can bring.

Here at Harry’s Plumbing & Heating, we give finance options and great prices for boiler installation in Birmingham, you will be surprised at how affordable a new boiler could be for your home.


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