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More About Our Boiler Installation Service For Birmingham  

Harry’s Plumbing & Heating is a leading company in Birmingham for providing boiler replacements.

We install only the best boiler models and guarantee that when you use our service you will receive nothing but quality from start to finish.

In Birmingham, we are a group of highly trained, experienced central heating installation experts and cover all areas of Birmingham and inner-city areas. Our main coverage area is Sutton Coldfield but we have enough vans & tradesmen to cover Birmingham.

At our company, we make sure that our plumbers can tackle your plumbing issues from the knowledge we have gathered from the experiences and understanding of what our customers truly expect... a top-notch service.

No matter what the situation maybe we can reach your doorstep at any moment and our team of installation specialists will go to any length to satisfy you when it comes to our service. When you hire our company for a boiler installation we keep you completely up-to-date with what is going on even before our guys arrive at their destination.

If you need an emergency plumber because your boiler has broken down after calling our Birmingham team, we will keep in touch with you to assure that the issue will be solved immediately so you can stay calm and not worry.

When it comes to boiler installation in Birmingham, we are the most efficient and cheapest in Birmingham with our boiler replacements starting from £ only. There is no stress or strains when you get a new central heating installation with 10 years guarantee on parts and labor!

Not only that but you could save up to 30% on your fuel bill annually just by having a new heating installation and even greater saving made by adding temperature and time controls to your heating system.

Don't forget technology is ever-increasing enabling us to cut down on our carbon footprint as well as saving us time and money. Whenever a customer in Birmingham contacts us for any case of emergency, repair or installation every customer is assured the same level of service promptly.

Having a fast and efficient installation team in Birmingham makes us proud to announce that owing to these factors we stay way ahead of our rivals and ensures that our company gets 100% customer feedback at all times to remain that way.

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 Even Boiler breakdown is No match for our team

Boiler repairs in Birmingham can be a complicated and costly job.

  • What part or parts need repairing?
  • Does the system need taken out and reinstalled?

Let the professionals at Harry’s Plumbing and Heating in Birmingham figure it all out for you. We pride ourselves on having top-notch customer service with a team of highly experienced tradesmen wanting to solve your boiler repair issues before they get out of hand.

Boiler issues are not at all uncommon in any flat, household or office building in Birmingham and will arise at any time and can cause a variety of stresses:

  • costly bills for repairs or replacements;
  • Cold water throughout the house or business;
  • Water damage to the area surrounding the boiler;
  • And many, many more ...


To get a combi boiler installation Birmingham call 0121 6055 433

Combination boilers give both central heating and hot water in a single unit providing an instant, unlimited, hot water supply, which heats water on demand improving energy efficiency.

A combination heating installation:

  • takes up less space;
  • does not store all your hot water;
  • is more energy-efficient;
  • heats the water that you actually need;
  • provides hot water on demand.

If you are trying to become more energy-efficient than a condensing combi boiler installation is an excellent choice. Modern heaters heat the water you need at the time that you need it, reducing heat loss through inefficient storage and reducing the costs of heat loss from storing water in cylinders.

A combi central heating system does not need a cold water tank or separate water cylinder and provides hot water on demand. They are also more efficient, more reliable and cost less to run and keep up.

A new central heating installation should run at 90 percent efficiency compared to your old central heating system costing you much more by working at less than 70 percent efficiency.

To get a condensing boiler installation in Birmingham call 0121 6055 433

Condensing boilers can cut heating costs considerably as they have heat exchangers which enable heat being re-circulated instead of heat escaping up the flue of a heater meaning very energy-efficient.

A condensing heating installation:

  • has two main heat exchangers
  • can cut your fuel costs.
  • is extremely energy-efficient.
  • produce water vapor.
  • can cut your family's carbon footprint.

Standard non-condensing heaters have a single combustion chamber and a single heat exchanger through which exhaust gases pass, before being expelled through the flue, at a temperature of around 180°C.

A condensing heating system has larger heat exchangers instead of a single combustion chamber and single heat exchanger as in a non-condensing heater also produce water vapor and their design means that they are the most energy-efficient domestic central heating system available.

They can result in large reductions in carbon dioxide thus reducing your family's carbon footprint, however, at times are more expensive to buy but the ongoing savings of fuel costs are considered.

Harry’s Plumbing & Heating in Birmingham can supply 'A' rated condensing boilers from all the major manufacturers including Potterton, Baxi, Ideal and Worcester Bosch.

We want to get the installation done right the first time, every time.

Give us a call today on 0121 726 1117  or learn more about what we do and how plumbers in birmingham can serve you and your home.

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