Bathroom Design Does Not Need to Be Tricky! Just Play it Cool

new bathroom design


A bathroom will not remain new looking forever, In time, this very trafficked room can start to aesthetically fade. Many homeowners wish they could improve the interior of their bathroom, but are not sure they can afford any of the steps to do so. The truth here is there are a number of inexpensive ways of enhancing the look of a bathroom immensely.

Simply repainting the walls of the bathroom might have a hugely dramatic effect. A simple coat of paint can do a lot for the look of the bathroom. Granted, a paint job on its own might not be enough. The good news here is the other steps to take will not cost a lot either.

There are adhesive vinyl floor squares that can be easily affixed on top of the current floor. Cutting these panel squares is easy and there is no need to tear up the old floor. Hence, the costs involved will be minimal.

Replacing the current faucets and shower head with shinier new ones will have a beautifying effect. Once again, the costs involved with these replacements will be minor.

When you add up the minimal costs, you might be shocked to discover how inexpensive it is to get ”new” walls, sinks, showers and floors. Though you might not think very much about it, the shower is the spot where you begin or end your day. It is a refuge, and you will find that if you pay some attention to it, you will be able to really revitalize the way that your bathroom appears. Don’t ignore the bathroom when you are thinking about remodeling, and consider the tile your shower deserves.

First, you will find that you actually go dark or light. Some people love black or even charcoal gray tile, and you will find that this can look amazing if you make sure that the tile has a very glossy surface. Take a moment to think about the tile that you want for this spot and the depth of color.

You can also choose a very reviving shade of blue or green. Both blue and green have natural associations, and you will find that you can model your entire bathroom around the shower color. If you choose green, look for a slightly yellowish green, as that reflects green growing things. A cooler blue is a fantastic choice if you want to keep things cozier in general.Consider what you want for your bathroom and move from there.

Increase Bathroom Storage with Pull-Out Shelves

Remodeling your bathroom can easily be accomplished on your own. You can increase your bathroom’s storage space with convenient pull-out shelves. If you have countertops that are not in good condition, you can use faux painting techniques to make them look like marble or granite. You start by applying a primer to your countertops. Apply a variety of acrylic paints with a sea sponge to make your design. Choose colors that resemble real granite or marble.

Consider buying a sample of real granite before you purchase your acrylic paints. Let each coat of paint dry before adding a new color. Apply a clear coat finish that is water-based to avoid harmful fumes.

A clear coat finish will give your countertops the protection they need. Make sure you let the finish dry completely before you allow others to use the bathroom sink. Water on your finish can ruin your hard work. If your bathroom tile is stained and unsightly, consider replacing the tiles with ceramic ones. You can also buy peel and stick vinyl tiles that are made for the bathroom area. These vinyl tiles are inexpensive and look great. Vinyl tiles are easy to apply, but make sure not to get them wet for at least 24 hours.