Looking For The Best Bathroom Fitter?

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How many times have you thought about having your bathroom refitted only to change your mind because you’re worried about making a big mistake choosing the wrong bathroom fitters in your area?

Good bathroom fitters in are hard to find, and it takes time to find someone who is trustworthy, with plenty of recommendations from previous clients, and who you know you can work with. Today, we are looking at how you can choose the right bathroom fitters for your home and make sure your bathroom is everything you want it to be.

  • Recommendations

When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom you know that to get it just right, you need the right bathroom fitters, bathroom fitters that are good at their job and come with plenty of experience. Sometimes the best way of hearing about fitters like this is by recommendation or word of mouth.

If you find someone you’d like to work with, ask them for recommendations, and see if they can give information from a previous client, were they happy with the work, did they leave a reference, are there any pictures? If they’ve been given permission by their former client, they might be able to provide details, email etc. and you can ask them questions directly about their experience.

Do you know of anyone who’s having a new bathroom fitted you like the look of, and could you ask for a quick peek at the work? Could they give you their fitters contact details?

  • Google Your Bathroom Fitter

You could also try to google bathroom fitters in if you’ve had no luck with recommendations, or you’ve not found anyone who’s having their bathroom fitted. Don’t believe everything you read, especially if the reviews are slightly over the top. The bathroom fitters may have written their own reviews for all you know. Do they come upon any other third-party sites where all the reviews verified?

What Else Can You Do To Ensure Your Bathroom Is In The Right Hands?

Are they willing to come and see you, to discuss what’s needs doing before they give you a quote? They should do. If they give you a blanket quote without coming to see your home, then this is an alarm call to stay away.

Let them know you’re budget, they should know themselves what the job will involve and how much the materials will be. Keep in mind you’re looking for a fitter, a bathroom fitter, and not just an electrician or a plumber. He is multi-skilled!

  • The Best Bathroom Fitters Birmingham Has To Offer

So you still want that bathroom? Then why not get in touch with us here at Harry’s Plumbers & Heating, we’re the best bathroom fitters in Birmingham for a reason. Ask us anything you like and please check our testimonials from previous clients, you won’t be disappointed. We can’t wait to hear from you and with our expert team of experienced bathroom fitters, we can guarantee you’ll love your new bathroom.


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