Discover The History Of The Blues – Birmingham City FC

Birmingham City may not be one of the larger clubs in football like Manchester United or Manchester City, but it is a team that has a great history to it. The problem is since this is not a team that hangs in the Premiership echelon all the time its rabid fanbase is not well known outside of Birmingham nor is this clubs history. Since this is the case, it is time to explore the Birmingham City FC history so you can understand fully why this club has such a popular fanbase.

The club actually has only been called Birmingham City since 1943, which was an odd change of name in the middle of the war. However, it did have a couple of different names before this since the club was started in 1875. The club actually started out being called the Small Health Alliance. This name would only last for about thirteen years before the club dropped alliance from the name and would be known as Small Health. However, this was a name change that was not going to last either as the team would become called Birmingham in 1905.

Ever since it was made into a football club the team has competed in the second tier of the football leagues. This has allowed the club to remain smaller, but at the same time, they have been able to attract quite a bit of talent that has moved onto the upper echelons of football. As far as the championship-winning ability the team has been able to capture the championship twice in their respective league. The first time was in 1963 when they beat Aston Villa and the second time was in 2011. The club has bounced up to the top tier of English football for about half of the time they have been in existence.

The Blues have played in the same pitch since 1906. Saint Andrews has been a field the team has come to know and the fans, just like those of Tottenham, would be sad to see anything happen to the pitch, even if it was an update.

Birmingham City FC is a club that has been around for quite some time. However, the club is also one that has been able to pick up quite a big fan base as well. The name changes have not hurt the team either as the Blues will continue to pick up new fans each season.

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