Getting A New Combi Boiler? Must See First!

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getting a new boiler

A new combi boiler can save you money on your fuel bills If you’re stuck with an old heating system that keeps breaking down and racking up costly repair bills, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade – and nothing is more efficient than a new combi boiler. Combi boilers are neat, compact and fit into small spaces, so there’s no need for a tank in the attic, which creates a little extra storage space.

Combi boilers also heat water on demand, so there’s no need to worry about running out of hot water; and because they’re energy efficient, you will also end up saving a fair bit of money – radiators attached to a combi boiler warm the home at a much faster rate than old boilers, so you won’t be constantly turning up the heat.

To ensure your new combi boiler is installed smoothly, there are, however, several things to think about.

The following basic tips will help you go about installing your new combi boiler:

  • Budget for both the unit and installation

Too many homeowners don’t realize that the price of a combi boiler doesn’t usually cover installation costs as well; so make sure you have saved enough for both before making a purchase. If necessary, call or e-mail the retailer or manufacturer to check just how much additional installation would be on top of the asking price. You will also need to check that you can afford to have the old system ripped out too, and check whether or not it is included under usual installation prices.

  • Choose the right fuel

Although gas is by far the most popular source of energy to heat a home, you can also get oil-burning or electrical combi boilers. Oil is great if you live in an isolated country area far from the nearest gas supply – although you will need to remember to purchase an outdoor storage tank. Electricity is also great for those of us who can’t connect to the gas mains and in smaller homes, they just might be more cost-effective too.

  • Choose the right model

Once you’ve chosen your preferred fuel, you will see that there are simply hundreds of different makes of combi boiler to choose from; anything from Baxi to Worcester Bosch, you just need to be certain that the one you pick is perfect for your home. Make sure you have a place ready for it to be installed, and obviously choose the size that will fit your installation area. You should also check which boilers are most suited to the size of your home and the number of rooms that need heating – you don’t want to end up with a combi boiler that takes too long to work to keep everyone in the house as warm as possible.

  • Shop around for the best deal

Many of the same or similar models will vary in price according to where you shop; retailers and manufacturers can have some great offers on, but generally, you are more likely to get a cheaper deal for a new combi boiler online, or by hiring a local combi boiler installer.

  • Clear space for the fitting

Finally, be ready for when your chosen contractor comes to fit your new combi boiler. Clear as much space as you can for easy access to the chosen cupboard or area, and if you are having new radiators and copper piping installed too, make sure everything is cleared around the older models. If necessary, make plans to get everyone out the house for a day or two as well – it just means that the contractors will be able to get on with installation with little fuss and no interruptions; so you will have a warm, well-heated home and a new combi boiler ready to go in a matter of hours.