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At harry’s plumbing & heating in Birmingham we offer several reasons to choose our services over any other plumbers service in the area:

  1. Our Birmingham plumbers are there when you need us;
  2. We offer appointment times to fit your hectic schedule for estimates, maintenance, service, and installation including morning, afternoon and evening during the week and all day on Saturday.
  3. We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!
  4. Not too many service companies in Birmingham can make these claims.

Our professional plumbers, technicians, and customer service agents work hard to keep up our good name for quality care and reliable service that has followed us for over 30 years in Birmingham, ever since the start of our company. Our expert plumbers will meticulously check your plumbing and make sure you are running at peak efficiency, saving you money on utility bills now and for years to come.

The text below will help you to gain more knowledge about your plumbing systems in Birmingham. This will be helpful for you to use your plumbing utilities effectively and efficiently so that you save on plumbing utility bills while also extending the life of your plumbing and heating systems.


Our Company is Nothing without Great customers. . .

Whether you need plumbing and repair services for your home or office our local plumbers in Birmingham are trained to listen to our client's needs, are reliable and will offer a 1st class service for any boiler installation, boiler breakdowns to a small leak. Our Birmingham plumbers offer the best solution for any particular plumbing needs and have fully equipped vehicles, so we are ready to deliver an excellent plumbing service in Birmingham on the first visit.

With professional leak detection equipment and a trained team of plumbers that know how to use it, we are able to fix any leak, big, small, single or many. After we find the leak, we will repair it without causing any damage to your property. This falls in line with our commitment to respect our customer’s homes, privacy, and busy schedules.

All of our plumber's service calls are COD. Please be ready to make payment once the work is complete. We accept checks, MasterCard, Visa, and, of course, cash.


For Plumbers Enquires, Breakdowns or Free Estimates


Do not take chances with your personal safety. This text is only for plumbing educational purpose. We never recommend that you do get involved with plumbing or heating repairs on your own. Most plumbing does need a professional qualification alongside experience acquired over years of working hands-on water, gas or electric systems. Anyone who undertakes such work without the above stated can put themselves in an extremely dangerous situation so please be careful. For professional plumbing and heating repair help in Birmingham call us anytime.

If you are like most homeowners in Birmingham, the maze of hot and cold plumbing supply pipes and plumbing waste pipes in your basement resemble nothing more meaningful than the Birmingham spaghetti junction. In all throughout your house, there are 3 different systems all working with one another. Getting better knowledge of how they all work will enable you to figure out what you as a homeowner is capable of tackling yourself and that which is a job for professional plumbers. If you're planning to build a new home in Birmingham or do major plumbing remodeling, It will also help you to visualize the requirements, and how they'll fit into your space. 

A visit to the plumber's aisle of your local home center in Birmingham shows you that do-it-yourself plumbers repair has never been easier. But plumbing mistakes are damaging to the finishes and contents of your home, just by getting them wet. The force and weight of water are also something to be reckoned with if many gallons flow where they should not. Before starting a plumbing project involving the plumbing supply system, find the shut-off valve for the plumbing fixture you're working on. If you can't find one, shut off the main valve. This is where the plumbing supply enters the house.  

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